5 Best Google Adsense Alternatives In 2019

5 Best Google Adsense Alternatives In 2019

5 Best Google AdSense Alternatives In 2019

In this post, I will tell you the best Google Adsense alternative. Google Adsense is a very large ads network. But if you are not getting a Google AdSense approval then, you can use these alternatives. You can use these alternatives in your wishing sites and in event blogging too.

1) Media.net

Media.net is the advertising network of Yahoo! Bing, it’s the second best ads network after Google Adsense. If the content of your website is in English and the US, UK traffic comes then it is a very good platform for you. The minimum payout is $100. This gives you 10% more of your turnings in the first three months. Like if you earn $100 in the first month, your payout will be $110. If you do not get approval from media.net then, you can see the other alternatives given below.

2) Infolinks

After media.net Infolinks is good platform for you. If you have high traffic on your website then, you can make good money using this platform. Using it, you can place text ads on your website. You get a minimum payout of $50.

3) PopAds

The approval of Popads is easily found. Even if your website is new, you can earn from it, to register it, you have to register it on it and the code given by it is to be put in your website and after that you can place ads on your website. Its minimum payout is $5.

4) Revenue Hits

You get instant approval on Revenue hits. If you are a new blogger then this is a great platform for you. Creating an account on it is very easy, you can create an account on it by putting banner ads, pop ads, text ads on your website. Its minimum payout is $20.

5) Bidvertiser

This platform is very old. Its approval is faster than google Adsense. On this platform advertisers place bids on your website. If your website is a bit prevalent then, you can make good use of it. You get a minimum payout of $10.

I hope you have come to know about Google adsense alternatives. But Google Adsense is the best. Its users are all over the world.

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